We made a 1-minute video to explain how to copy Google Data Studio report templates (and how to fix them when something is going wrong).

First, go to our Gallery template and select the template that matches your needs.

To access every template, log in once with your Google account (ideally, the same one you use to connect your data on Google Data Studio).

For every template, we'll provide access to copy the report right away and a setup guide.

Go to the template right away.

Click on the button that says "Use template" in the top-right corner of the page.

Then, you'll be asked to connect your data.

For every original data source, you may select a new data source from the drop-down list.

You can select a data source you already connected or connect a new one.

Remember: You don't need to select all data sources spots, but the ones that you leave blank will give you an error message once you copy the report.

You can look on the search bar for a data source you already connected, or you can add a new data source.

Click Create data source if that is the case.

If you click on Create a new data source, you will visualize the Google Gallery. Type Porter, and select the data source you want to connect.

If it's the first time you're connecting an app source, below are some resources to guide you through each connector:

If you authorized the connector before, just select the account you want to connect on the drop-down list in Parameters.

Once you do that, click Connect on the right corner.

Google Data Studio will take you to this view again, where you can select other data sources or just create the report.

Click Copy report

If you lose access to one of the app sources you wanted to connect, you will have this pop-up, Click Authorize.

If you don't want to authorize that specific connector, just click X.

If you have any questions remember the below resource where you can go over a guide for connecting each data source:

If you see a problem when the connection is done, click See details, and look up the problem on this guide

Additional resources:

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