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To get a plan, you should log in to your Porter account (account.portermetrics.com).

Then you will sign in with your Google (aka Gmail or G Suite) account.

Why do we only let you sign in with Google?

To use Google Data Studio, you must use a Google account.

By default, we will enable the permissions to the connectors you buy to the email you use to create your Porter account.

I will explain this.

If I sign in with juanjose@portermetrics.com and buy a Porter team's plan, I will be able to connect 5 accounts (let's say, 2 Facebook pages, 1 Instagram page, and 2 Facebook Ads accounts).

Such a license will be associated with that Gmail account so I should use that one on Google Data Studio.

It's common that some users buy a license with their personal account but access Google Data Studio with their work email, so try to make sure to sign in to both Porter and Google Data Studio with the same email.

If you must use separate emails for Porter please add them as users, Here is a guide about how to do it.

Once logged in, go to Buy license:

Now, you should choose your preferred plan:

Then, choose a plan:

Clicking in, the bottom up you can see the plan on a monthly or annual basis.

We accept all credit cards and PayPal

If you pay with PayPal click on "Pay with PayPal" otherwise click on "Pay now"

Fill up the payment information

And click on subscribe

Once you place your order, your Porter license will be ready. You will get an invoice after the payment.

You can go right away to Google Data Studio to keep creating your reports. You can also check your licenses to verify your new paid account.

You may wait a few seconds until you can reflect your new license in your Porter account. So don't worry if you go back and see that your plan or trial is expired.

If you have any questions feel free to reach us out about any concerns. to support@portermetrics.com

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