When buying Porter, you may have a different number of users available, depending on the plan you buy; the Teams plan lets you get 3. The Agency plan allows up to 5.

In this guide, we will explain how users work in Porter Metrics.

What are users in Porter?

First, a user refers to an individual Gmail account: mateo@portermetrics.com and juanjose@portermetrics.com would be two different emails.

So, when adding additional users, what you're doing is adding emails.

Why do users matter?

TL;DR: you can add users that have access to the accounts and the connectors that you don't.

Let's say you buy a Teams plan by signing in with your email john@yourcompany.com.

With your email, which should be a Google email, you can go to your Google Data Studio account and create reports with our connectors.

But it turns out that in your company, you have access to the Facebook Ads account that you associated with your profile, and the Instagram business account belongs to someone else in your company.

Without users, this person—I'll call her Karen—would need to buy another Porter plan so she can use our Instagram Insights connector for Google Data Studio; it's a different email.

However, your Teams plan lets you add three users, so you can add her (and her email) to your paid account so she can automate Instagram reports on Data Studio by using your plan.

In total, this company would connect two accounts: a Facebook Ads account and an Instagram Business account, even though they belong to different emails. They have three spots available to fill with other accounts and another user.

This way, you can make the most out of the accounts available in your Porter plan by letting anyone in your organization connect to your Porter license.

How to add users?

While we build a better user interface to manage your Porter account, you can request to add more users to your current plan.

Just email us or reach us out on our chat. You should mention the email you used to buy your Porter license and the emails you would like to associate with it.

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