Recently, we updated our Facebook Ads connector for Google Data Studio to make it more stable and faster than anything currently available.

Such an update may have affected users' dashboards that may be showing an error, saying that the owner of the data source has revoked the access.

To solve it, you only need to re-authenticate the Facebook profile connected to your Porter account.

Once you open your dashboards, if your account owns the connection to the Facebook Ads connector, a popup will show up, like this one below:

Click on authorize your Facebook account.

If you don't see the popup, make sure you access it from the Google account associated with your Porter account or ask the owner to refresh such permissions.

Once you re-authenticate once ALL your charts and reports associated with your Facebook Ads connector will be up and running normally.

We're truly sorry for these inconveniences. If you need support, we'll assist you ASAP.

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