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$12.5 / month, billed annually

$25 / month, billed annually

$66.6 / month, billed annually

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1 app account

5 app accounts

20 app accounts

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But first, what does an app account mean?

You pay for apps accounts connected to Google Data Studio, not apps.

An app is Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google My Business, etc.

An app account corresponds to the accounts within these apps. For instance:

  • Facebook Ads accounts

  • Facebook pages

  • Instagram Business accounts

  • LinkedIn pages

  • LinkedIn Ads accounts

  • Tik Tok Ads accounts

  • Twitter Ads accounts

If you want to create reports for four (4) Facebook Ads accounts, those would be 1 app and 4 app accounts, thus needing our Teams plan, which lets you connect up to 5 apps accounts.

How to add app accounts to your license

A new app account will be added to your license when you connect it to a Google Data Studio report, and the data loads successfully.

We will just count your connections when you successfully connect data to your Data Studio report.

If you need to make an upgrade here is an article to guide you through.

How to remove app accounts

You can remove and see how many app accounts you have connected to your Porter license.

You may want to remove app accounts when you don't want to make reports with them anymore and want such slots for other accounts in your Porter license.

Go to your Porter account.

Go to Manage license.

Scroll down till Source accounts.

There, you'll see listed all the apps accounts you have connected to your account.

You can choose to delete them in a bulk by clicking on Reset Source accounts.

Or you can reset them individually.

Heads up: removing app accounts doesn't mean your Google Data Studio charts will stop working and you need to connect the data from scratch. Your reports will keep working normally.

When you go back to your reports the data will load and, if the app account wasn't previously listed in your license, it will show the app in your account list.

If you see a problem related to your connections, like this, Here is an article to solve it.

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