At Porter, you have a 14-days free trial for every connector.

More connectors are on their way, Check here our road map.

You may set up a free trial in three ways:

  • On our website, through our Make a free report calls to action.

  • When you create a copy of our report templates that activates our connectors.

  • By finding Porter connectors on the Google Data Studio connectors gallery.

    Your free trial will only start when you successfully connect data with our connectors to a Google Data Studio report.

How to start a trial?

Starting a trial with us is as easy as clicking on the “Make a free trial” button on the top right corner of our website.

Then, choose a connector you want to report with. You have a 14-days free trial for each one.

You’ll be re-directed to Google Data Studio. Here, you must authorize Porter to connect to your Gmail account.

Once you authorize your Gmail account, It is time to connect your data from any source (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, Shopify, etc.).

Make sure you authorize the same Gmail account you are currently signed in to, if you have a problem switching Gmail accounts, try signing in into an incognito window.

We only get your email to associate with your Porter account; we don't collect or use any other personal information.

The process works pretty much the same with all connectors:

Do I need a credit card for my trial?

You do not need to have a credit card for your trial. Just sign in with a Gmail account to get started.

Will the dashboards I create on my trial still work when it is over?

No, until you upgrade.

You will see this error on your data saying that your trial has expired. To upgrade your Porter account go to this guide.

Once you upgrade, your data will retrieve normally.

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