You may see that the custom and standard conversions reported on Google Data Studio are different from what is shown on Facebook Ads.

Chances are the conversion window reported is different.

While the business manager support different conversion window, on Data studio you can report with just one of them

We encourage you to set the conversion window to 7 days click. But it must be the same as in your business manager.

To do so, go to "Resource" ⏩ "Manage added data sources" ⏩ "Edit" ⏩ "Edit connection".

On the connection configurations, please choose the following options:

  • Conversion window, we recommend 7 days click, but It must be the same as in your business manager.

  • Report time as On conversion date

Finally, click on "Reconnect" ⏩, then "Apply", and "Done".

Now check that this conversion window is the same that you work with on your Facebook business

What to do if still, see the problem?

If you still have this problem, We need that you share your report with with access to edit, the page where you have the problem. and the connector you want to use.

Please share a screenshot of your business manager where we can visualize the right value, a range of dates, and the conversion window.

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