I will show you the exact process I follow to identify and solve errors on my Google Data Studio reports.

We have hundreds of customers and check dozens of reports daily. We may tell one or two things that Google's official documentation doesn`t.

First, I encourage you to install this Chrome extension to get our live chat support widget directly on Data Studio. This way, we may help you directly without leaving Data Studio.

Often, Google Data Studio charts break and show an error, like below:

The first thing you should always do is clicking on See details to read the error message. Based on such a message we proceed with the next steps:

If none of these help you solve your issue, follow these steps:

The first quick fix is refreshing your reports by clicking on the three-dot icon beside the edit button and choosing refresh.

If your errors remain, follow these steps:

Go to edit, on your Data Studio report.

Go to Resource - Manage added data sources.

Click on edit the connection you have created.

A good practice is to always refresh fields. Sometimes, errors are caused because you're using a non-updated version of the Google Data Studio connector.

For instance, we may have added fields or changed their names.

If you changed the names of the fields because, for example, you wanted to display them in a different language, your changes will remain, and the updates will work anyways.

Check if refreshing the fields still doesn't solve the error. If not, keep with these instructions.

Now, got to Edit the connection in the top-left corner of the page.

Make sure you have configured the parameters.

Often, the app you connected (e.g. Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) has revoked the access to Data Studio to retrieve the data. In that case, you should re-authorize.

Also, it may also happen that there's no account selected.

To learn to set up all our Google Data Studio connectors, read this guide on how to connect your data to Google Data Studio.

Finally, click on reconnect and close the data sources management.

If none of these error messages help you solve your problems with your Data Studio reports, chat with our support team or schedule a call here.

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