This article is part of our guide to fixing Google Data Studio reports.

Sometimes, you will see an error that shows: "Sorry, we encountered an error and were unable to complete your request."


Invalid/missing dimensions, metrics, or filters

You may find an error message like "Invalid/missing dimensions, metrics, or filters" or, in See details, different messages that express that the fields cannot be combined.

There are two reasons for seeing this error:

  • Data Studio breaks your metrics or dimension.

  • We made an update, and now you need to refresh the fields.

Check the right side of your report and delete the metrics and dimensions in red.

Or recreate the table or graph.

If the error persists, refresh the fields:

If you changed the names of the fields because, for example, you wanted to display them in a different language, your changes will remain, and the updates will work anyways.


If you've just completed an update and need to refresh fields but there aren't any new ones, it will display the following message:

For more questions on setting metrics and dimensions on Google Data Studio, we recommend you these tutorials:

Reporting a problem; to help you faster, please share via chat or email these details when reporting a problem:

  • Access as editor to your Data Studio reports to

  • Link or screenshot of the report page(s) with errors

  • A detailed description of the error

Additional resources:

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