Sometimes the images on your Data Studio reports or seem blurry, like this:

Google Data Studio doesn't upload or saves images. Actually, they are URLs. If Data Studio detects that such URL only corresponds to an image, then the data type will be Image link.

That explains why images sometimes seem blurry or don't show.

  • If they seem blurry it's because the image is a thumbnail; it's so small that won't have a good resolution. The Facebook Ads connection, for instance, returns thumbnails for ads displayed on mobile devices.

  • If they don't display it's because Google Data Studio searched for an image in the URL but there was nothing there. That's the case for Instagram posts that are videos. Instagram doesn't store an image or thumbnail for those.

If your images are blurry, we suggest you make the column tighter so they're smaller.

If no image displays at all, and they used to, it may be a Google Data Studio error. You could try refreshing, changing your browser, trying accessing from another device, or waiting.

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