This article is part of our guide to fixing Google Data Studio reports.

The process is simple.

Log in to Facebook and click on the settings in the top right corner.

Now go to Settings and Privacy and choose settings.

Then go to Business Integrations:

Check the Porter connectors whose permissions you want to refresh.

Now, confirm the removal. Don't worry about checking if you want to eliminate posts (you can't post with our connectors anyway).

Once removed, it is time to go back to Google Data Studio (or to re-connect your applications.

I will do it on Google Data Studio. Go to the Google Data Studio connectors library and look for our connectors by typing "Porter" in the search bar.

Once you choose one of our connectors, you may see an error message asking to re-authorize the access to the connectors. Just click ok, refresh authorization, and connect again your Facebook profile to Google Data Studio.

Finally, choose an ad account, Facebook page, or Instagram page (depending on the connector you use), and you should see All the accounts associated with your Facebook profile.

And that's all!

If yet you don't find the accounts you're looking for, please double check your permissions on that Facebook page, Instagram page, or Facebook Ads account. A permission level from analyst to admin should work fine.

If you still have questions about the authorization process this guide may help with Facebook Ads or Facebook Insights.

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