The first step for creating any report on Google Data Studio is connecting your data. There are three ways to do it:

  • Setting up a free trial with Porter.

  • Connect your data to a new, blank report.

  • Connecting the data to a report template.

We'll explain them all in this guide.

If you want to connect multiple data sources to the same report, follow this guide.

Setting up a free trial with Porter

Setting up a free trial with Porter is the fastest, easiest way to connect your data to Data Studio as it loads your data in a default report template instead of starting from scratch with a blank report.

To start a 14-day free trial for each connector, go to our connectors' gallery.

Then, choose a connector. Here's a setup guide to connecting every app:

Connecting your data to a new, blank report

You may prefer this method if you're already familiar with Google Data Studio and want to start your report from scratch.

Go to and log in with your Google account.

Then, on the Data Studio homepage, create a blank report.

Then, you'll be shown the Google Data Studio connectors gallery.

Type "Porter" on the search bar, and you will find our available connectors.

Choose your connector.

For this example, I will use Facebook Insights; all connectors work similarly.


Then select the account you will use in Google Data Studio:

Click on Allow:

<a href="/>

Once you authorize with Google, you should also authorize with Facebook.

Then, you should log in with a Facebook profile with access to the ad accounts you will report.

Click on your account, in this case, "Juan José":

Select all the accounts:

Make sure everything is checked in YES and click on Done:

Click in OK:

You should have Admin or Editor role to connect the Facebook pages.

Click on Continue to grant access to Porter to your Facebook pages.

Porter Metrics only stores your account and Facebook profile to manage your subscriptions; we don’t store or share your business data with any third party.

You can check our privacy policy for more details.

Configure your connector

Once you connect your Facebook profile, you will set up the connection with these parameters:

Page ID: choose one or more Facebook Pages accounts to bring to your report.

If you choose several accounts, the report will combine their data (i.e. it will bring the total likes from all the selected pages accounts).

After you finish the setup, click on CONNECT on the top-right corner of the page.

Then click on CREATE report.

Connecting your data from a template

If you're new to Google Data Studio and would like to copy and paste our templates, this is your guide.

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