You'll be able to display (and report) the app accounts your authorized to connect on Data Studio.

When you don't see an app account listed, it may be because a) your profile doesn't have access to it or b) you didn't authorize Porter to access it when you did the connection.

As an example, if you connect your Facebook profile to connect certain Facebook pages, check if such a Facebook profile has access to the Facebook page, and then if you authorized Porter to connect to it.

If the concept "app account" is still not clear, we encourage you to read about how our pricing works.

To solve it, here are the guides to help you through the process to find all the accounts for each connector.

If the problem persists, reach out to our support via live chat, email us at, or schedule a call.

If you want to talk via chat or email about a problem, first click on See details and send us a screenshot about your problem.

Please share your report with with access to edit, the page where you have the problem. and the connector you are using.

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