When you have a report page with many graphs and charts, there's a chance it could break, and you'll see an error like this:

However, you don't have to worry about it; this is because your Google account has a request limit, in the same way, that Google Data Studio also has a limited number of requests for each page in your report, which is 30 queries.

Note: Some graphs and charts, such as scorecards, use 2 queries.

What is the solution?

Our advice is to distribute the number of charts and graphs over multiple pages. Everything doesn't need to be on one page. Organize your graphs and charts to ensure that the narrative you're trying to convey with your data is not overlooked.

Follow the steps below to create an additional page:

  • Once in the editing mode of your report, click on “Add page.”

  • Insert the new graphs and charts on this new blank page.

How to get more help?

If none of these error messages help you solve your problems with your Data Studio reports, chat with our support team, send an email to support@portermetrics.com

or schedule a call here.

If you want to talk via chat or email about a problem, first click on see details and send us a screenshot of your problem.

Please share your report with support@portermetrics.com with access to edit, the page where you have the problem, the link to the report, and the connector you are using.

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