This is a common question Data Studio users have when reporting different accounts.

You might have seen this window when connecting data.

This will show you the accounts connected to your Facebook Business Manager or Meta Business Suite.

Step 1. Connect your accounts

Make sure you have access from the Business Manager, and you will be able to create your first multi-account report. Use this link to grant access to your reporting teams.

Once in Google Data Studio, connect your data source.

Step 2. Select your accounts

Select the account you want to include in your report. Don't forget to select the conversion windows.

And click on the "connect" button.

Step 3. Create a control

Now, follow these steps to create a multi-account report:

  1. Click on add a control at the top.

  2. Select the Drop-down list option

  3. Make "Account name" the main field to display the options.

If any of the accounts is not displayed, try adjusting the date control to display a period when a campaign was live.

Once you have this control in your report, you will be able to select any of them and load the report for a specific account.

Using this filter on reports with 25 charts or less is recommended to avoid slow loading or broken fields.

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