If you want to use our connectors or are already a client but want to bring data from a data source that we don't have.

You can make the request to our product team, and we will notify you of the status of this data source.

To make this, first, You'd need to sign in to our Porter Hub.

You will be able to sign in using your email address (don't need password)

Click on Get Help:

Click on Request a Feature.

If you want to check the roadmap, click on Apps.

And you'll be able to check what is the status of the app you want.

For example, let's write on the search bar "Salesforce".

If the status is

  • Open: we haven't processed the request yet.

  • Working on: We start developing the connection.

  • Completed: it means we've finished it and are ready to use.

To vote and be able to receive notifications ,once we change the status of the app, click on the arrow looking up. 🔼

You will start receiving notifications about this data source.

How to request an app.

If you're searching for an app that doesn't exist. For example, let's write Apple Store in the search bar

If there is no result, go to the right side to "Request app Integration", and fill the form.

On "App name", add the app you want to visualize the data. "Add comments", you can write that you want to visualize the data or an idea about the importance of this app.

Your request will be received right away, and we'll consider what priority to give it.

As you already make the login, once we change the status of this app you will receive a notification about this data source.

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