When you create a report, you will see Data freshness by Google data studio. This refers to how up-to-date the data in a report is. Different types of reports have different requirements or expectations for data freshness.

We bring the data as fast as the API gave us.

That means ,if you change the dates, refresh the report or create a new table we will bring the same information as the API gave us.

But For example, if you don't open your report in a week, every 12 hours the data will refresh.

Data freshness is handled by Google Data Studio and by default will be 12 hours, to improve performance and reduces query costs by temporarily storing data. Please read manage data freshness to learn how to change it.

Or click on 12 hours, to learn more.

Viewers can't refresh the data in an embedded report. (The data will refresh as usual when the cache expires).

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