What does a connection mean?

You pay for the connections you make with Google Data Studio, not apps.

An app is Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google My Business, etc.

A connection corresponds to the accounts within these apps. For instance:

  • Facebook Ads accounts

  • Facebook pages

  • Instagram Business accounts

  • LinkedIn pages

  • LinkedIn Ads accounts

  • TikTok Ads accounts

  • Twitter Ads accounts

For example:

If you would like to only report ONE Instagram page on Google Data Studio, you would need only one connection.

If your business would like to report its Instagram page, a Facebook page, and a Facebook Ads account to Google Data Studio, you would require 3 connections.

If your company wants to connect 5 Facebook pages and 5 Facebook Ads accounts to Google Data Studio AND Google Sheets, that would mean 20 connections: 10 for Data Studio and 10 for Google Sheets.

This video may help to understand better our price

How to add new connections to your license?

A new connection will be added to your license when you select the account on Google Data Studio, and the data loads successfully.

We will just count your connections when you successfully connect data to your Data Studio report.

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